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  Who is Tommy Detamore ??

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Author Topic:   Who is Tommy Detamore ??
Hans Drissen

Posts: 58
From: Amsterdam - Netherlands
Registered: DEC 98

posted 24 August 2000 12:50 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Hans Drissen     
I just bought the new CD of the late
Doug Sahm. (The return of Wayne Douglas)
This CD really made my day! Real country to the bone. This is how country music schould sound.Anyway, amongst the musicians on this CD, the steelplayer is doing almost all the soloparts. I never heard of him. His name is Tommy Detamore. What an excellent steelplayer he is. Brilliant tone and playingtechnique.
Beautifull steelplaying in all the 12 songs.
Howcome I never heard of him ?
Can anyone tell me more about him ?
Thanks. Hans

Chris Schlotzhauer

Posts: 1217
From: Colleyville, Tx. USA
Registered: JAN 99

posted 24 August 2000 01:13 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Chris Schlotzhauer     
Tommy is a great Texas steeler who lives (I believe) near San Marcos, Texas. He is currently playing with Clay Blaker (great Texas songwriter). He did all the steel work on Ed Burleson's great CD (and produced). He played with Moe Bandy and also doing some shows with The Derailers, and Jim Lauderdale. I played with Ed Burleson last night and had to try and copy what Tommy did. That was tough.
Tommy has great technique. Oh, he likes a good cigar now and then too.

Greg Vincent

Posts: 727
From: Los Angeles, CA USA

posted 24 August 2000 03:33 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Greg Vincent     
What Chris said

I'd only add that he's every bit as great playing live as he is on recordings, a very nice fellow, and a ZumSteel man.


wayne yakes md

Posts: 650
From: denver, colorado
Registered: NOV 99

posted 24 August 2000 03:40 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for wayne yakes md     
Tommy is a Texas Legend from @ San Antonio. He is on the new CD coming from Johnny Bush. The other steel players on it, including Mr. Detamore, are Herb Steiner, Buddy Emmons("I Wish I'd Seen You're Going Coming", and others), to name a few!

B Bailey Brown

Posts: 606
From: San Antonio, TX (USA)

posted 24 August 2000 05:33 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for B Bailey Brown     
“Yes!” to all of the above! I recently discovered that Tommy runs a recording studio in San Antonio, and is a very accomplished producer and engineer as well.

B. Bailey Brown

Al Marcus

Posts: 7471
From: Cedar Springs,MI USA
Registered: MAY 99

posted 24 August 2000 07:11 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Al Marcus     
Hans, there could be a few reasons why you never heard of Tommy. He is well known among a lot of Steel Guitarists in the USA.

But how many times do they put the Steel Guitarist's name on a record?

And also a lot of records might not have been distributed

Les Pierce

Posts: 387
From: Goliad, Texas
Registered: MAY 2000

posted 24 August 2000 09:16 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Les Pierce

I was lucky enough to play guitar on a demo recorded at Tommy's studio a while back. He is a very nice man and was very supportive, and totally non-judgemental, (in other words, he never laughed at my playing, not even once).

I didn't realize who he was at the time, either, but have since heard his playing on at least one other local recording, and was very impressed.

He is on the Forum here, somewhere, I believe. I know I've seen his name before, perhaps in a search for something.

Take care, Les

Tommy Detamore

Posts: 478
From: Floresville, Texas
Registered: DEC 99

posted 26 August 2000 06:05 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Tommy Detamore     
Guys, I've just got to say thanks for all the kind remarks. Hans, I'm thrilled you like the album. I am so proud to have worked on it and hope it is released in the states soon. Incidentally, I do a Europe tour every year for about a month with Clay Blaker. Our "home base" while we are there is in North Germany and we get to Holland sometimes. I'll try to give you a heads up next time. I'd like to meet you! Chris, don't worry 'bout them sad ole licks on Ed's record. Do your own thing, brother. The few times I get to play with Ed I can't play a lot of what I did on the album. Now that's disturbing! Greg, I hope to get out to LA again soon. I'll let you know. Thanks to Wayne, B. Bailey, Al, and Les.

Living my dreams in Floresville, TX,



Roland van Beveren

Posts: 121
From: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Registered: MAR 2000

posted 26 August 2000 07:32 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Roland van Beveren     
Hans, I agree: this is some serious steel playing here! The best I've heard since Tom Brumley's appaerance on Robbie Fulks records. Great sound, Tommy!


Chas Holman

Posts: 188
From: 10 miles East of Lone Star, Texas - USA
Registered: JUL 2000

posted 26 August 2000 12:07 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Chas Holman     
Did I read that right: "Who is Tommy Detamore.??"
Having known the guy for (most likley) longer than all of you put together, I just had to respond to this thread.

I met Tommy in Virginia in about 1976,
and I can't even begin to tell you what knowing him has done for my steel playing. Let's see...

Tommy introduced me to Buddy Charleton, who gave me (although only two lessons) definitely the BEST instructions for just LEARING the instrument.

Tommy would always take time to discuss techniques and tips when we'd see each other, and was always complimentary
of my playing - even when I knew I'd played badly.

He took my place with "Dave Witt & Shenandoah" when I left Virginia and moved back to Texas.

He bailed me out again 5 years later by replacing me when I left "A Little Bit of Texas" (at that time we were backing up Darrel McCall quite a bit).

You see, I have a rule about leaving a band; I always like being replaced by a steel player who can play at least 10 times better than me. And the best answer to that is: Tommy Detamore..!

When he first came to Texas, I was proud to be able loan him my old black Sho-Bud (though he will STILL insist that it's green..! Confirming a long standing
suspicion of mine - East Coast pickers MUST be color blind..!) I wonder sometimes if Tommy still has his original "lime green leisure suit" which was required attire for his first Texas gig with "Jerry Nail and the

When I recently came out of my self induced 13 year retirement from the music scene, Tommy D. was the first to e-mail me with well wishes and encouragement.
(ok...Herb Steiner, YOU were just as supportive..!)

Once I asked Tommy who his favorite steel player was and he said, "Well....after ME, I guess I like Emmons the best." I'm sure he never realized that with that little comment he really taught me to love my own steel guitar playing. And I've learned how important that is.

For all these things, THANK YOU, Tommy Detamore. You will always be my hero..! And as Darrel would say:
"Love you, Bub..!"



Posts: 188
From: 10 miles East of Lone Star, Texas - USA
Registered: JUL 2000

posted 26 August 2000 11:59 PM           
the name still turns pickers heads here in Charlottesville.

Robby Thomas

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