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Author Topic:   E to D lever --- G# to G pedal
Gary Shepherd

From: Fox, Oklahoma, USA

posted 02 January 2006 06:24 PM     profile     
Do any of you have a pull to lower the E strings to D? If so, where did you put it?

What about a G# to G pedal? I know some of you use that one as the first pedal. And if you have that one, where to you have the Franklin pedal?

What other nonstandard pulls do you have and where?

I was thinking about adding some stuff to my guitar. Maybe a vertical lever on the right leg. I already have 5 levers and 8 pedals. Not sure I want to go with the Crawford cluster idea so space is premium.

Gary Shepherd

Carter D-10

Bobby Boggs

From: Pendleton SC

posted 02 January 2006 08:07 PM     profile     
No to the above mentioned changes. I do have them on C6th. They are cool changes for E9. I do lower the 6th string G# to F# and split tune for a G note. But not the 3rd string.

I'm pretty sure you do not want a vertical Right knee lever.Consider a staggard or extra LKR, LKL, RKL, or even a RKR before a vertical right knee.

John Macy

From: Denver, CO USA

posted 02 January 2006 09:35 PM     profile     
I have had the G#'s to G on a staggered LKL (along with the E's to F)since 1979 and love that change. It was put on for me first by the late, great Jimmie Crawford. Sonny Garrish also has this in the same place...
B. Greg Jones

From: London, KY USA

posted 02 January 2006 10:34 PM     profile     
I use LKV for the G#-G change, 3rd and 6th string.


David L. Donald

From: Koh Samui Island, Thailand

posted 02 January 2006 11:46 PM     profile     
I have G# to G on
RKL minors open on the Bud for E9 (Franklin on P1)
LKL minors open on the Bud for C6 (LKR A-Ab minoring P6 )
and LKR minors open on the S-14

I wouldn't put it on a pedal,
too slow to go from AB to an open minor with that.
I can go AB+ LKV minoring AB, and then to a G open minor easily.

J D Sauser

From: Traveling, currently in Switzerland, soon to be either back in the States or on the Eastern part of Hispaniola Island

posted 03 January 2006 01:03 AM     profile     
E-to-D lower is a standard change on a universal setup on a "6th"-pedal (3rd pdal on a standard C6th). Sadly the E9th "B"-pedal change, which combines well, is then not available in addition to this change unless you play with both feet... so, if E9th based I'd rather try to have it on a lever.
I used to have the B-to-Bb lower on a long throw vertical (a la Jeff Newman), on recomendation of another Unversal expert I then changed it to LKR and put G#-to-G lower on the vertical. You'd be amazed how this change combines with so many other changes and combinations!

... J-D.

Bob Carlucci

From: Candor, New York, USA

posted 03 January 2006 04:52 AM     profile     
Gary... I do not use an Eb on string 2.. I use an E and lower it to Eb and to D on a feel stop... I do not lower the 8th string to D, but it sounds like a reasonable change,, I may do it and dump the D on string 9...
I have had the G # strings lowered a half tone on a pedal several times on different steels over the years,, but never thought much of it, and prefer to lower them a full tone which I still do today.... bob
Mike Perlowin

From: Los Angeles CA

posted 03 January 2006 05:31 AM     profile     
I alao have the G# to G change on a knee lever, (outer RKL) but there are definate reasons to have it on a zero pedal, left of the A pedal. If I were not playing a Universal, I'd have it there.

I wouldn't mind having it on both the knee lever AND a zero pedal.

Mike Perlowin

From: Los Angeles CA

posted 03 January 2006 05:33 AM     profile     
BTW is is my opinion that anything that can be accomplished by lowering the 6th string to F# can also be accomplished by using the bar and other pedals. Lowering the strings to G allows for more possibilities.
Larry Bell

From: Englewood, Florida

posted 03 January 2006 10:28 AM     profile     
I've had E to D on the 8th string of my universal guitars for more than 25 years and I combine it with the B pedal easily since it's on one of my LKR levers. It is my second most critical knee lever after E to D#.

I also use G# to G on a front LKL on one of my guitars. I don't consider this a critical change, but when you've got 8 levers on one neck, it makes the cut.
Larry Bell - email: - gigs - Home Page
2003 Fessenden S/D-12 8x8, 1969 Emmons S/D-12 6x6, 1984 Sho-Bud S/D-12 7x6, 1971 Dobro, Standel and Peavey Amps

[This message was edited by Larry Bell on 03 January 2006 at 10:30 AM.]

Bobby Lee

From: Cloverdale, North California, USA

posted 03 January 2006 04:00 PM     profile     
The big reason for having G# to G on a lever is that you can use it opposite your G# to A to get another full-step change. I have to use two feet to do that, because it's on my 5th pedal instead of on a knee.

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