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  I GOT RHYTHM C6/A7 tuning tab

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Author Topic:   I GOT RHYTHM C6/A7 tuning tab
Jesse Pearson

From: San Diego , CA

posted 26 January 2004 11:35 AM     profile     
This was the main cutting contest progression for BeBop musicians back in the 40'. Ear players can play the Bb major and G min pent/blues scales on the A sections and ii-V' on the B section. Arpeggios sound great on the B section. I've read that 50% of the BeBop songs were based on these changes back in the day. This is the basic way of playing the changes, down the road I'll reharmonize the A sections with Dim chords etc . The "Rhythm Changes" here are slightly different than the Broadway singing version of the song (Use A2 for all A1'). I'll be updating this thread in the future with Charlie Parker sax approaches, tabbed out in C6/A7. Here is the link to the Southhampton University jazz theory primer, it has "I got rhythm" on one of it's pages.

Key of Bb
C6/A7 Tuning
Tabbed by Jesse Pearson
4/4 swing feel
form [A1, A2, B, A1]


Bb Gm Cm F7 Bb Gm Cm F7 Bb Bb7
E |------10--|-3------|------10--|-3------|----------|
C |-10---10--|-3------|-10---10--|-3------|-10-------|
A |------10--|-3---8--|------10--|-3---8--|------13--|
G |-10---10--|-3---8--|-10---10--|-3---8--|-10---13--|
E |-10-------|-----8--|-10-------|-----8--|-10---13--|

Eb7 Ab7 Bb6 Gm Cm F7
|----------|------10--|-3------| |
|-10-------|-10---10--|-3------| |
|-10---11--|-10---10--|-3---8--| |
|------11--|-10---10--|-3---8--| |
|-9----11--|-10-------|-----8--| |
|------11--|----------|-----8--| |


Bb Gm Cm F7 Bb Gm Cm F7 Bb Bb7

Eb7 Ab7 Bb6 F7 Bb6
|----------|-10-------|------| |
|-10-------|-10-------|-10---| |
|-10---11--|-10---8---|-10---| |
|------11--|-10---8---|-10---| |
|-9----11--|------8---|-10---| |
|------11--|------8---|------| |



Am7 D7 Dm7 G7 Gm7 C7 Cm7 F7
|-12--|----|-5--|-----|-10--|----|-3--|----| |
|-12--|----|-5--|-----|-10--|----|-3--|----| |
|-12--|-5--|-5--|-10--|-10--|-3--|-3--|-8--| |
|-12--|-5--|-5--|-10--|-10--|-3--|-3--|-8--| |
|-----|-5--|----|-10--|-----|-3--|----|-8--| |
|-----|-5--|----|-10--|-----|-3--|----|-8--| |

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Brad Bechtel

From: San Francisco, CA

posted 26 January 2004 01:25 PM     profile     
Moved to Tablature forum from No Peddlers. Great stuff, though - thanks for sharing!

Brad's Page of Steel
A web site devoted to acoustic & electric lap steel guitars


From: N.Y.C.,N.Y.

posted 26 January 2004 04:26 PM     profile     
Jesse, thanks much. This is right up my alley. My 8 string C6/A7 with a pedal is a bit altered but makes for some interesting tweaking of either the tab or a string. I look forward to the updates.

So this is tablature, Ricky's the prime minister of this country. Kewel.

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Travis Bernhardt

From: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

posted 27 January 2004 10:31 AM     profile     
I just tried this out, it's pretty neat. I never really use the C6/A7, so it's cool to give it a whirl. Did you ever tab a version of the Rhythm changes for straight C6 (maybe somewhere in the bowels of Threadzilla...)? It would be interesting to compare...


Jesse Pearson

From: San Diego , CA

posted 27 January 2004 10:44 AM     profile     
Travis, C6/A7 is the coolest tuning in the world for 6 string and I just now understood it after I tried it on the "Famous Hawaiian Vamp" I posted for C6/A7 tab. I didn't have as cool a sounding version of "I got Rhythm" worked out on basic C6 before, but of course it can be done. You can see how easy it is to play IGR on C6/A7, it's perfect for this stuff. Man, I'll tell ya, this tuning swings super easy.
Jesse Pearson

From: San Diego , CA

posted 31 January 2004 02:01 PM     profile     
Here's a link to Cindy CashDollar doing "Hillbilly Bebop",
this is the "I Got Rhythm" changes in the key of C. Cindy sounds great on this.

[This message was edited by Jesse Pearson on 31 January 2004 at 02:06 PM.]

Jesse Pearson

From: San Diego , CA

posted 03 February 2004 02:37 PM     profile     
I tabbed out that famous Hawaiian vamp (II7-V7-I6) that you can play twice for an intro and ending and also once at the end of each verse to make a song sound Hawaiian. This vamp helps to see why C6/A7 tuning works so well. The C7 is called a secondary Dom because it is built off the 5th of the F7, but is not diatonic to the key of Bb. The F7 is the 5th of the one chord Bb6. Try adding this to your "I Got Rhythm" arrangements.

C7 F7 Bb6 Bb6
E|-----|-----|-10---|-10---| |
C|-7---|-----|-10---|-10---| |
A|-7---|-8---|-10---|-10---| |
G|-----|-8---|-10---|-10---| |
E|-6---|-8---|------|------| |
C#|-----|-8---|------|------| |

C7 F7 Bb6 Bb6
E|-------|----8-|------|-----| |
C|-------|---9--|-10---|-----| |
A|-------|--8---|------|-----| |
G|-------|-8----|------|-----| |
E|-------|------|------|-----| |
C#|-------|------|------|-----| |

[This message was edited by Jesse Pearson on 03 February 2004 at 02:42 PM.]

Harry Williams

From: Duncan, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

posted 05 February 2004 04:51 PM     profile     
Thanks Jesse...


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