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How can I become a member?
How can I add smiley faces to my messages?
How can I add links, italic, etc. to my messages?

How can I add a picture to my message?
What are forum moderators?
How can I change my password or email address?
Can I customize the bulletin board in any way?
Are cookies used?
Can I edit my own posts?
Can I attach files?
Can I search?
Can I add a standard signature to my posts?
What are announcements?
Are there any censor features?
What do I do if I lost my username and/or password?
Can I be notified by email if someone responds to my topic?
What is Daily Active Topic List?
What are archives?

Registration is required if you want to to post new topics or reply to existing topics.  To register, print the membership application form, fill it out and mail it to The Steel Guitar Forum.  After your membership is approved, you will receive a password via email which you can use to post messages.

You've probably seen others use smilies before in email messages or other bulletin board posts. Smilies are keyboard characters used to convey an emotion, such as a smile :) or a frown :(. This bulletin board automatically converts certain smilies to a graphical representation. For example, if you type :o in your BB post, it will automatically be converted to - a shameful face. The following smilies are currently supported:

:) smile
:( frown
:o embarrassment
:D big grin
;) wink
:rolleyes: rolleyes
:cool: cool
:mad: mad
:eek: shocked
:confused: confused

Using HTML and/or UBB Code
You can use HTML and/or UBB Code in your posts to add images or make special text effects. UBB Code is similar to HTML, but offers just a few basic functions, such as hyperlinking, image display, bolding and italicizing. A complete list of current UBB Codes are listed here.

Adding Pictures to Messages
To add a picture to a message, the picture must first be uploaded to the Internet somewhere.  If you have your own web site, you can upload the picture there, or you can use one of the many photo hosting web sites.

Once your picture has been uploaded, follow the instructions in the UBBCode Help Page to add its web address (URL) to your message.

Moderators control individual forums. They can edit, delete, or prune any posts in their forums. If you have a question about a particular forum, you should direct it to your forum moderator.

Changing Your Profile
You may easily change any info stored in your registration profile, including your password or email address of record.  Click the "profile" link located at the top right of each page.  Simply identify yourself by typing your username and password and all of your profile information will appear on screen.  You may change any items, except your username.  If you need to change your username, send email to the administrator asking to delete your account and create a new one with the name you prefer.

Customizing User Preferences
As a registered bulletin board user, you may store your username and password in memory for up to one year at a time.  This will prevent you from having to type your user name and password every time you post a note.  You also have the option of changing the default number of days back to view topics.  Just click on the "preferences" link and you can make either of these settings.

This bulletin board uses cookies to store the following information: the last time you logged in, your username and password, and your preferred "topic view" (if you set it in preferences).  These cookies are stored on your computer.  Cookies are not used to track your movement or perform any function other than to enhance your use of the bulletin board.  If your browser does not support cookies, or you have not enabled cookies on your browser, many of these time-saving features will not work properly. 

Also, you need to have cookies enabled in your browser if you to enter a private forum.

You may delete all cookies set in this forum by visiting the "preferences" area of the forum and selecting the "delete cookies" link.

Editing Your Posts
Click the little pencil above your message to edit it.  No one else can edit your post, except for the forum moderator or the bulletin board administrator.  A note is generated at the bottom of each post that is edited so that every one knows when a post has been edited.

Note that you cannot edit the title of a topic or delete a message.  The administrator or forum moderator may edit the title or delete the message for you.

Adding Signatures
You may use a signature (commonly used in email messages) on your posts. This is a new feature, so if you registered previously, you may not have been queried about storing a signature. If you click on the profile link at the top of any Forum page, you will be able to edit your profile, including your standard signature. Once you have a signature stored, you can choose to include it any post you make by checking the "include signature" box when you create your post. This bulletin board's administrator may elect to turn the signature feature off at any time, however. If that is the case, the "include signature" option will not appear when you post a note, even if you have stored a signature. You may also change your signature at any time by changing your profile.

Attaching Files
For security reasons, you may not attach files to any posts. You may cut and paste text into your post, however, or use HTML and/or UBB Code (if enabled) to provide hyperlinks to outside documents.

Searching For Specific Posts
You may search for specific posts based on a word or words found in the posts, user name, date, and particular forum(s). Just click on the "search" link at the top of most pages. Note: announcements are not included in the search returns.

Announcements are one-way communications from either a forum moderator or a bulletin board administrator. No one may post replies to these announcements. If you want to talk about specific announcements, you will have to create a new topic in the appropriate forum.

Censoring Posts
The bulletin board administrators have the power to censor certain words that may be posted. This censoring is not an exact science, however, so certain words may be censored out of context. Please realize that the censoring, if any censoring is being performed, is being done by a computer based on the words that are being screened. Words that are censored are replaced with asterisks.

Lost User Name and/or Password
Retrieving your username and password is simple, assuming that email features are turned on for this bulletin board. All of the pages that require you to identify yourself with your username and password carry a "lost password" link that you can use to have your username and password emailed instantly to your email address of record.

Email Notification
If you create a new topic, you have the option of receiving an email notification every time someone posts a reply to your topic. Just check the email notification box on the "New Topic" forum when you create your new topic, if you want to use this feature.

What is the Daily Active Topic List?
When you visit this bulletin board, you will see a link at the top of the list of forums called "Daily Active Topic List". Clicking on this will provide you with a list of topics in all open (non private) forums that have been posted to that day.

What are archives?
Archives are read-only areas that contain topics that were previously posted to one of our forums. You may not add a reply to a topic that is in an archive. Topics in an archive may have been conpletely removed from the original forum where they were started, or they may still exist in their forums.

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