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Author Topic:   Faron Young Info
Richard Bass

From: Hendersonville, Tn

posted 20 December 2005 06:26 PM     profile     
This list was researched by Diane, she has written a Bio of Faron and as we speak it is being reviewed by several publishers. Bet alot of you know some of these musicians. As far as I can tell this is the definitive list of everyone who was a Deputy.

Diane Diekman
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Faron Young's Country Deputies

Front/Lead guitar

Doyle Wilburn (deceased)

Jimmy Fautheree (deceased)

Front/Rhythm guitar

Teddy Wilburn (deceased)

"Johnny" Lynn Fautheree (deceased)

Lead guitar

Pete Wade

Odell Martin (deceased)

Leon "Wahoo" Sutton

Bill "Rip" Wilson

Charlie Murphy (deceased)

Richard Bass Barish

Upright Bass

Tom Pritchard (deceased)


Johnny Paycheck (deceased)

Darrell McCall

Gino King

Dave Hall

Pete Street

Ray Emmett

George Owens

Steel Guitar

Joe Vincent

Lloyd Green

Ben Keith

Dicky Overbey

Sonny Burnette

Jerry Merhar

George Edwards

Jimmie Crawford (deceased)

Doug Jernigan

Skip Jackson

Hank Corwin

Al Lewis

Cal Sharp

Daryl Hornberger

Ron Hogan

Stu Basore


Gordon Terry

Shorty Lavender (deceased)

Dale Potter (deceased)

Ernie Reed

Joe "Big Red" Hayes (deceased)

Vassar Clements (deceased)

Hank Singer

John Schattenburg

Ron Knuth

Ray Mellas

Kenny Sears

Leon Boulanger (deceased)

Robert Bowlin

Ozzie Ozment


Terry Duncan

Gene Dunlap


Dewey Martin

Roger Miller (deceased)

Jim Isbell

Jerry "Cootie" Wayne Hunley

Glen Davis

Steve Nath (deceased)

Marc Gullen

[This message was edited by Richard Bass on 20 December 2005 at 06:30 PM.]

Tommy M

From: Indiana

posted 20 December 2005 08:34 PM     profile     
Way cool, Richard! Keep us posted as to when/where the "bio" is published.

Tommy Minniear

Jim Cohen

From: Philadelphia, PA

posted 20 December 2005 09:15 PM     profile     
Dewey Martin on drums? Same guy who was a founding member of the Buffalo Springfield? When was he with Faron?
Kenny Burford

From: Lexington, Missouri USA

posted 21 December 2005 05:04 AM     profile     
I had no idea that Doyle Wilburn was a lead guitar play, the first I have ever heard of it. I definitely want to read this book if it is published. Thanks for the heads up on it.

Just one question, is Ernie Reid still on the loose, last time I saw him he was chasing butterflies withoug a net. Just kidding, Ernie's a great player, a blast to pick with and keeps the whole band laughing all the time.

Jeff Agnew

From: Dallas, TX

posted 21 December 2005 05:20 AM     profile     
Jim, yes that Dewey Martin. There is some information about this association in the John Einarson book about the Springfield.

Like Kenny, I question Doyle Wilburn playing lead. Teddy, maybe. If you watch their old TV shows, Doyle is always begging off playing guitar, claiming he doesn't know the chords or can't play well enough. Maybe that was an act but he sure seems uncomfortable when he is playing.


From: Tipton, Iowa

posted 21 December 2005 06:27 AM     profile     
Should be very interesting - Played on the same show with Faron once, everyone knew he was there but Faron!!
Walter Stettner

From: Vienna, Austria

posted 21 December 2005 06:45 AM     profile     
If that is supposed to be an accurate list of steel players who recorded or played/toured with Faron, it is far from being complete:

Missing are: Jimmy Day, Bob Foster, Buddy Emmons, Roy Lunn, Bobbe Seymour and probably more players.

Kind Regards, Walter

[This message was edited by Walter Stettner on 21 December 2005 at 06:46 AM.]

[This message was edited by Walter Stettner on 21 December 2005 at 06:47 AM.]

Joe Casey

From: Weeki Wachee .Springs FL (population.9)

posted 21 December 2005 12:08 PM     profile     
Richard It is sad to see so many Deputies are not with us anymore. But on the brighter side what a band Faron must be playing with nowadays. This might take a few volumes to write but It would make a great movie also..

Smiley 23-9 Crank&pull&push pro model Deluxe with auto voice tuner and string changer.500ft.roll.

Billy Henderson

From: Portland, AR, USA

posted 22 December 2005 06:15 AM     profile     
One of the posts mentions a movie about Faron. It was my understanding that in the late 90's after Faron's death a movie company landed in Central AR and did shoot a movie about Faron. I heard the family stopped it but I cannot confirm any of it but I do know it came from good sources. Does anyone remember that? I am sure I didn't make it up. Glad to see Roy Lunn mentioned as a deputy. Roy lives in Jackson MS and can still play a steel and is an excellant singer.... I love to hear him sing BUBBLES IN MY BEER
Ralph Higgins

From: Missouri, USA

posted 22 December 2005 10:18 AM     profile     
i met Faron in 1953 in the army at fort bragg. a great guy.
Cody Campbell

From: Kentucky, USA

posted 22 December 2005 07:27 PM     profile     
Sometime ago on TV radio, I heard his early version of "Sweet dreams (of you)". I had heard one version, but this one on the tv was faster, and sounded older. I was excited to hear it.

And just today at walmart, I bought "moments to remember" for four dollars. The young picture of Faron on the cover caught my eye.

This CD is FULL of great steel. Most of it sounds like Emmons to me, but I'm not sure about the C6 stuff on "Live fast, love hard..." and "king of the road". Maybe Jim Murphy?

And there's one song called "Life is a picture" where Faron's singing sounds like old Willie Nelson. (I know that's weird, but I swear).

According to the back cover, the disc is put out by 'LEGACY entertainment inc.' and is manufactured in Canada.

Some more titles from it are: The tips of my fingers, Nothing left to lose, Memphis Tennessee, Apt. No. 9, Cryin time, Together Again, There goes my everything.

Check it out!!

[Actually, come to think of it, It could've been anyone playing steel. (maybe buddy ch.? or perhaps lloyd?) I don't know but the stuff on the buck owens tunes sounds almost identical to ole tumblin' Tom.

And Maybe it was Willie who used to phrase lines like Faron, and not vice versa].

[This message was edited by Cody Campbell on 23 December 2005 at 03:09 PM.]

Jason Odd

From: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

posted 23 December 2005 09:18 PM     profile     
Re: Missing are: Jimmy Day, Bob Foster, Buddy Emmons, Roy Lunn, Bobbe Seymour and probably more players. >>

Diane's list is a list of Deputies, not session players and that's what some of those guys were, simply session dudes. (no disrespect to the profession intended)
If you drew a wage touring with Faron, then you were a Deputy.
Of course there's always gonna be some guy who gets missed on any list.. in most cases it's someone who temped for a week or two while someone was sick, etc.

Jason Odd

From: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

posted 23 December 2005 09:21 PM     profile     

It would be nice to see their year(s) of service listed, aka Ben Keith 1958-1964 (although that's not quite correct I'm sure) for example.
The book sounds interesting and I admire the concept.

Walter Stettner

From: Vienna, Austria

posted 24 December 2005 01:00 AM     profile     

Sorry, I overread that the list is dealing with the names of the Deputies, Richard has also sent me an e-amil regarding that. He also confirmed that Bobbe Seymour was touring with Faron.

Roy Lunn was a member of the "Circle A Wranglers", the army band Faron was touring with between 1952 and 1954 when he was in the army. The German Cattle Label has an interesting CD available, with those early transcriptions. You can check it out under

Kind Regards and Merry Christmas, Walter

Perry Hansen

From: Bismarck, N.D.

posted 24 December 2005 07:23 AM     profile     
Jason. The band I was with in Hawaii in the late 50s backed Faron on two tours of a week at a time. Does that make us Deputies?
Ben Rubright

From: Port Charlotte, Florida, USA

posted 25 December 2005 10:27 PM     profile     
Better include Bobbe's name on the list of Deputy steel players.....he toured with Faron.......told me so himself.
Jason Odd

From: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

posted 25 December 2005 11:57 PM     profile     
aha, what exactly qualifies as a band member?

For me, and kleep in mind I make lists like these .. if you're going to define a group by name, then that's how the band members qualify.

So Perry's band does not, although if one was making a list of gigging bands, then they'd be on it for sure.

It's like Buck Owens Buckaroos, the list would only exist from 1962 or so, even though Don Rich was with him in Ca. from 1960 and Buck even had a band in Tacoma in 1958-59 before he returned.

Back to Faron, if it's a Deputies list, then the Circle A Wranglers, would be excluded.
At least by the thinking.

Nor would I include the following:
TILLMAN FRANKS & His Rainbow Boys
Radio KWKH, Shreveport, La. 10.10.51 Faron Young (vcl/gtr); Tillman Franks (bs); Calvin Tirbyville (stl gtr); Floyd Cramer (pno); Tommy Bishop (fdl); Ralph Mayo (fdl); Mal Irby (dms)

Anyway.. the usual press on his band goes along these lines.
When Faron completed his Army service and returned to Nashville in late 1954, fiddler Gordon Terry became the first member of his band. Joe Vincent on steel guitar and Tom Pritchard on bass also joined him.
The Wilburn Brothers played lead and rhythm guitar and opened the show, until embarking on their highly successful recording career.
To get a name for the band, Faron's manager Hubert Long held a contest. A 15-year-old South Dakota girl submitted the winning entry--The Young Sheriff and his Country Deputies. (In later years, Faron changed the title to Singing Sheriff.)

Perry Hansen

From: Bismarck, N.D.

posted 26 December 2005 06:27 AM     profile     
Jason. Thanks for mentioning Hubert Long. He was with us on one of the tours. What a wonderful person. In my opinion his name don't come up often enough.
Richard Bass

From: Hendersonville, Tn

posted 26 December 2005 11:22 AM     profile     
Here is a link to Diane's newsletter about Faron:

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