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  Emmons Liability ????? (Page 2)

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Author Topic:   Emmons Liability ?????
Bobby Lee

From: Cloverdale, North California, USA

posted 03 October 2001 05:38 PM     profile     
HH wrote:
One has to wonder though, how could they [the Emmons company] hope to achieve a private resolution while applying "Caller Blocking" to Billy Jenkins phone number?
What is the source of this information, Harry?
Billy Knowles

From: Kenansville, N. C. 28349 usa

posted 03 October 2001 05:42 PM     profile     
I have known Ron, Sr. and Ron, Jr. for over 30 years and have never found them to be anything but honest. Emmons is the standard of the industry and has been for years. Lets give Ron, Jr. a chance to get his business together and run a successful company as it has been in the past. I live about 2 hours from the company and have visited there 100's of times and have always found Ron, Jr. to the same person every time, honest and always willing to help. I have personally owned 22 new Emmons Guitars and had never had a problem with the guitars or the company.
Lets give Ron, Jr. a chance.

From: Whitby, Ontario, Canada

posted 03 October 2001 05:53 PM     profile     
Bobby Boggs:
I can't say whether paying in full is the norm these days, but, I know it isn't with the Fulawka Company. My best friend and I each ordered a new S-10 from Ed just before Christmas last year. No down payment required and when my friends steel was done, we drove up to pick it up at Ed's place. He was told by Ed to take it home and try it out for a bit and if he didn't like it, bring it back, if he did, send the money. (He sent the money!) Mine was not going to be ready for another month or so as it is lefthanded and Ed had to make all the parts as such. When I picked mine up in June, I paid Ed the full amount for it then. I knew I would like it, as I already have one of his steels. To my knowledge, no money has exchanged hands for the steel he is currently building for Ricky Davis either and I know of one shipped to Europe with no down payment.
In regards the original topic of this post, I think the Emmons Company will do the right thing. The Lashley name is an honored one in our world!

ICQ 614585

Jeff Coffell

From: Killeen Texas

posted 03 October 2001 06:14 PM     profile     



From: nj

posted 03 October 2001 06:24 PM     profile     
ed fulwaka made me a custom pickup which he brought to st. louis and wouldn't let me pay for until i was sure i was happy and didn't want to send it back. i payed for it on the spot as i knew even if i didn't like it(not possible)i want to support people like this.
Mike Cass

From: Nashville,Tn. U.S.A.

posted 04 October 2001 12:40 AM     profile     
Folks, what you're missing here is that Ron jr. was an EMPLOYEE, not a partner or officer of the Emmons Guitar Co Inc. When Mr Aycoth did whatever he did(we still dont have the answers to that one, yet),
Ron jr. somehow acquired the remains. As normally goes, if the previous owner removes any inventory when he vacates the premises, he is also assuming liabilty for the debts of said endeavor, that way the new owner is not handicapped by the considerable expense of starting a new company & being saddled with the debts of the former. Im positive this is the case here. One more time, the Emmons Guitar Co. Inc. no longer exists.The new company, new owner: Emmons Guitars by Lashley, Ronald Lashley jr.owner, President.
btw, Ron & Billy did talk on the phone soon after Mr Aycoths exit., & Ron told him that he would do everything in his power to satisfy Billy. He asked two things in return:
1. that Billy not make a post about this due to the overwhelming volume of calls & emails it would foster, all of which would keep Ron on the phone instead of getting his ducks in a row & getting things up & running, as has happened, sadly.
2. he said that tho he was not responsible he would do everything in his power to help if the first condition was met & things not degeneratw into a "soap opera" (& Im pararhrasing here) .
Well,a post went up, not by Billy btw....& still Ron Claims he will help Mr Jenkins to get satisfaction.
Now.....those are the facts.
Ron does not seem to be culpable & I
suggest to anyone having a problem that occured while Mr Aycoth owned the business to contact Mr Aycoth.
Beyond that......its out of our hands.
Jack Stoner

From: Inverness, Florida

posted 04 October 2001 03:33 AM     profile     
There is another thread about a "memory lapse" problem I had with a vendor. After the "public" airing the vendor decided to make things right and clear the issue. It was too bad that it took the public airing but it did.

I hope this public airing will allow the Emmons Guitar Company (or whatever the current company name is now) to see the light and do what is necessary to clear the product and company name. It only takes one public incident to cause long range harm to a company.

Let's face it, at one time Emmons was "the act in town" but it isn't anymore. Market share has already erroded.


From: Parkersburg, WV...U.S.A

posted 04 October 2001 04:52 AM     profile     
I want to publically apologize to everyone about inferring Emmons had blocked my phone. After learning on Friday that there would be no guitar nor money, until all was settled with Ron and the former owner and then he still may not be liable, I attempted to call several times over the weekend to further discuss the matter. When I received a message the number was not accessible, I assumed he did not want to discuss it any further. I did reach them on dialpad, however, and left a message for him to call. I didn't know anything was amiss with the telephone as I never have problems with the phone, until I tried to call my daughter in SC and got the same message. My carrier had erroneously put a block on some long distance states, and profoundly apologized to me. I promptly ran back to MaBell so I can call anytime, anywhere.

I do apologize, though, as I don't want to make a bad situation any worse, nor imply the company is involved in something underhanded. The only fault I have is they have not filled my prepaid order.


Fred Jack

From: Bay City Texas

posted 04 October 2001 08:47 AM     profile     
Billy...I know the frustrations that Ma Bell can cause. A couple of years ago I was in Houston and needed to phone home.I stopped at a pay phone and placed my call.I got a message that no out of area calls were being accepted on my home #.I knew that wasn't right so I went to another pay phone and made another attempt.Same thing. Now I am not a patient man but what can you say to a computer? I called the operator and explained my problem so she placed the call for me.I never did get through and by the time I got back home I was livid!!It took me a while to find the culprit but it didn't take them long to correct it!They had mistakenly placed the block on when I purchased a package with call ID , waitng and forwarding. These situations do happen very innocently. That does not stop them from being very annoying! About your steel,I don't know Ron jr but I'd wager that you get a new Emmons. You are in the unfortunate position of having to wait.If you were to sue that will take several months and if you work it out between the parties involved probably be a lot quicker. I've never dealt with Emmons but I think you'll get your guitar. Let us know when you do. Regards,fred
bob drawbaugh

From: scottsboro, al. usa

posted 04 October 2001 09:10 AM     profile     
Mr. Jenkins a word of advice from someone who has been their. DO NOT BUY THIS CRAP WAIT UNTIL THE SMOKE CLEARS AND SOMEONE WILL DO THE RIGHT THING! It probably want happen. You need a lawyer today and action needs to be filed on your behalf against the Emmons Guitar company, regardless of who the owner is, or was. Let the judge sort out who the quilty party is. You need to protect yourself, and your investment. If the Emmons company files chapter 13 and you have no legel action pending, you are just out of luck. But if there is a legel action pending you may get some of your money back. No one on this fourm can tell you what the right thing to do is for you. You will have to do that. But, a word to the wise, you need to protect Bill Jenkins, because no one else will. This is not to be a slam on anyone envolved it is only to give Mr. Jenkins some input from someone that is not emotionly envolved with the Emmons company or the owners, past or present.

From: Cloverdale, California, USA

posted 04 October 2001 12:40 PM     profile     
There is a lot of speculation and hearsay in this topic. Let's give it a week and then get a report from Billy on what has happened.

Until then, I'm closing this topic.


-System Administrator

[This message was edited by b0b on 04 October 2001 at 03:25 PM.]

Michael Holland

From: Nashville, Tennessee, USA

posted 04 October 2001 01:08 PM     profile     
Finally a voice of sanity.


Emmons Push Pull S10 | Peavey Session 400 | '52 Fender Lap Steel | Goodrich L120 & Matchbox

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