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  Two feets on E9 tuning??

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Author Topic:   Two feets on E9 tuning??
Bob Carlucci

From: Candor, New York, USA

posted 15 January 2004 06:56 PM     profile     
Yeah I know.. its a ripoff of another thread,but that thread got me thinking... I have 6 and 4 on my s-10 and am getting a Carter w/ 5 and 5 that I may soon add a pedal to and go 6 and 5... Does anybody here use two feet on thier E9 copedent??[with more than the 3 "standard" pedals of course}... I never have but I may want to start seeing what I'll get out of it... anyone??? ... bob
Jim Smith

From: Plano, TX, USA

posted 15 January 2004 07:49 PM     profile     
I think I remember seeing someone, probably Buddy Emmons, reach over and bounce on the C pedal, ala Ralph Mooney. Of course Moon uses both feet a whole lot.
C Dixon

From: Duluth, GA USA

posted 15 January 2004 08:03 PM     profile     
I added a 7th pedal and raised the 4th string to an F# to get the mooney lick on my universal. I will use it with my right foot.

Many Years ago I saw Buddy Emmons use his right foot on an a Fender 1000 (backing Ray Price on the GOO), with 8 pedals, going on and off the C pedal. He did it faster than the guy behind you blowing his horn, when the light changed from red to green.


John Macy

From: Denver, CO USA

posted 15 January 2004 09:35 PM     profile     
Jimmie Crawford has always had pedals 1-4 and also pedals 9 and 10 work the E9. Lots of two footing going on on that guitar...
Travis Bernhardt

From: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

posted 16 January 2004 12:18 AM     profile     
I've got G#>G on pedal 5 and I use it fairly often in combination. Sometimes with my left foot on the A pedal to get a bigger maximum interval on strings five and six (I don't have a G#>F# knee lever so I have to do it that way). For example, pluck strings four, five and six with the A and B pedals down, then release A and B while engaging the G#>G pedal. There may be another way to do that, but this way I can keep a bass note going on a low string and the bar doesn't have to move.


Bengt Erlandsen

From: Brekstad, NORWAY

posted 16 January 2004 12:27 AM     profile     
I use my R-foot to play P6 & P7 on my S12extE9

This is used in combination w L-foot playing A+B and E's-Eb, or w LKL2

Here P6 & P7 is shown on a S10E9

LKL1 P1 P2 ------P6 P7
G# A
E F Eb
B C# C# Bb
G# G A A#
E F Eb
B C# Bb

P6 is split tuned w LKL2 to give an Anote on 6th string.

I have only shown 4 of the pedals because it will probably be easier to see why they work together.

If I did not have LKL2 I would put the G#-G lower on P5 and also use the R-foot to play that pedal alone or w P6.

Bengt Erlandsen

[This message was edited by Bengt Erlandsen on 16 January 2004 at 12:28 AM.]

Tony Prior

From: Charlotte NC

posted 16 January 2004 05:23 AM     profile     
Why limit yourself to 1 Foot..when ya got 2..

If it works for you..then it really doesn't matter what the minions think..

I don't recall reading any written rules anywhere. Although on the E9th the volume Pedal is an integral part of playing..and knowing that the position of your right leg/knee is crucial for them hanging down dealies....if you can work it out..or rather work it in..then it's a go...


Bengt Erlandsen

From: Brekstad, NORWAY

posted 16 January 2004 05:33 AM     profile     
I should mention that on my RKL i have the 2&9 string drop to C# which will move my R-leg towards the P7 which is very often used in combination w RKL just as the LKR will move my L-foot towards P4,P5 & P6. So it has been worked in on my guitar

Bengt Erlandsen

[This message was edited by Bengt Erlandsen on 16 January 2004 at 05:35 AM.]

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