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Author Topic:   String and pedal problem
Daniel Leslie

From: London, England

posted 28 April 2005 09:32 AM     profile     
Hi, I recently took down and set up my Emmons Black Rock.

I just broke the 3rd and 5th string at almost the same time. Not unusual I know but the pedals were feeling weird and I think that was the problem. The C pedal is fine but the A and B have much more tension in them than they did before I took it down.
Also the A pedal is slightly higher than the B pedal which it wasnt before which makes it harder to press and release them properly without playing out of tune.

Any ideas on how what the problem is?


CrowBear Schmitt

From: Ariege, - PairO'knees, - France

posted 28 April 2005 01:52 PM     profile     
i could be way off Daniel, did the end (or ball) of your broken strings fall into the changer ?
when strings break, you wanna make sure that the end piece gets out clear & not stuck in the changer
Larry Strawn

From: Golden Valley, Arizona, USA

posted 28 April 2005 04:21 PM     profile     

CrowBear is probably right about the string end caught in the changer,, it'll do it every time!!

I allways set my A pedal just a tad higher than B,C, makes it easier to work without accidentily getting on my B pedal..
as the night wears on, I some times get a little lazy,, lol..


Emmons S/D-10, 3/4, Sessions 400 Ltd. Home Grown E/F Rack

[This message was edited by Larry Strawn on 28 April 2005 at 04:23 PM.]

Ricky Davis

From: Spring, Texas USA

posted 28 April 2005 07:45 PM     profile     
I'm not understanding what you mean "Took it down"> what did you do?
As I spoke before many times(maybe someone can find them threads??)about the mechanism tension will add to string breakage. Obviously; you added some tension in the mechanics of the A and B pedals and although your able to raise the strings; somehow you've added friction/tension to do it and that will break strings. There are certain places on the pullers(bell cranks) and the positions on the fingers; that the rods should go; to play as easy as possible, without adding tension to the pull. The rods should be free moving and not binding/rubbing up against anything and in a straight line and not angled up or down too much.
Position of where the pedal rods hook, to pull the crossbars are important too; in making for an easy pull. And of course without the rods even on; the crossbars need to be free moving with ease.

[This message was edited by Ricky Davis on 28 April 2005 at 07:47 PM.]

Daniel Leslie

From: London, England

posted 29 April 2005 03:40 AM     profile     
Thanks guys.

Ricky, I just meant I dissassemlbed it when it was taking it to someones house then put it back up.

I don't mind the string breakage it's just the pedal stiffness that makes it uncomfortable to play. I found the Emmons set-up guide for push-pulls a few threads below so I'll see if I can manage that and hope it fixes the problem.

Tony Prior

From: Charlotte NC

posted 29 April 2005 05:15 AM     profile     
and do be sure to wrap the 3rd string and the 5th string with 5 to 7 wraps at the key head .

These are the two naughty boys on our E9th Instrument and should be treated differently than the rest of the 10 string gang..or whatever gang they are a member of...


[This message was edited by Tony Prior on 29 April 2005 at 05:16 AM.]

Ricky Davis

From: Spring, Texas USA

posted 29 April 2005 01:44 PM     profile     
Oh Sorry Daniel; I also didn't know a Black Rock is a Push-Pull Emmons> so forget what I said about all the mechanical stuff; as that applies more to a All-pull; and I haven't a clue on the set up for a Push-pull.....but like Tony said: yes indeed wrap at least 5 wraps if not 7 or 8.

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