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Author Topic:   Russ Wever: The Guru of Steel!
Roger Rettig


posted 09 September 2006 02:45 PM     profile     
I've now been home for 24 hours after my mammoth 2500-mile drive from Medora, ND, and I've finally set up my Emmons here in the music room.

My first concern after finishing the 97-day, dust-laden gig was getting all that dirt out of my LG-111. Russ was kindness itself and has done a great job on my guitar! Not only has he done a thorough lube job on the changer, he also addressed a stiffness problem I was having on my RKR. It's now as smooth as silk, and with a very positive half-stop, making my life bearable again!

On top of all this, I got to watch some great PSG videos AND had a bed for the night....

He's not only a front-rank steel player - he's one of Nature's gentlemen!

Many thanks, Russ - that was an unforgettable visit, and I can't wait for the next time!

Roger R.

Billy Henderson

From: Portland, AR, USA

posted 09 September 2006 03:39 PM     profile     
I never met Russ or heard him play except once when I was listening to A Bobby Caldwell CD, he was backing up Russ or the other way around. When I heard the steel I stopped the CD to see who was playing. Knocked me over! I even Emailed Russ and asked him if he had a CD out, he didn't but should, IMHO! How about it Russ?
Darvin Willhoite

From: Leander, Tx. USA

posted 09 September 2006 06:41 PM     profile     
We also saw another side of Russ in St. Louis in the Jazz room. All I had ever heard him play was Country, but he held his own with all the other Jazz players and did a great job.

Darvin Willhoite
Riva Ridge Recording

Mike Perlowin

From: Los Angeles CA

posted 09 September 2006 07:07 PM     profile     
Russ was here in California last year and I had the pleasure of spending a day with him. Aside from being a fine musician, he's a really nice guy. We first had lunch together and then went to Blackie Taylor's steel guitar shop and checked out the new GFI's and Blackie's A6 tuning where the pedals do the exact opposite of the E9 pedals. I had a hard time with it, but Russ "got" it in a matter of minutes.

It was a really nice day.

I feel honored to be able to call Russ my freind.

Warning: I have a Telecaster and I'm not afraid to use it.
My web site

Bobby Caldwell

From: St. Louis, Missouri, USA

posted 09 September 2006 07:38 PM     profile     
Russ is my dear friend and the brother I never had. He is a great talent and a dear friend. I love him lots. He knows alot about music and the history of the players who made it. His playing is second to none. I wish eveyone could know Russ as I know him. He is one of a kind. I love you my friend and always look forward to the next time we see each other. Kiss your lovely bride and soul mate. Best always, Bobby
DeWitt Scott

From: St. Louis, Missouri, USA

posted 10 September 2006 09:15 PM     profile     
Russ Wever ... Considering everything you guys have said about Russ then you have a small idea of who Russ really is. He has worked with me here at Scotty's Music, he has lived at my home. He is a brother and an "adopted son" to me and Mary. I not only played at his wedding to Carla but was also his best man. I must say that Russ is one of the most talented men I have ever met. It was Russ that made those chord charts for the players at the Convention for many years. It was Russ that the players requested to play the bass for them. In all the years I've know him I have never heard him say one unkind word about anyone. There is no better person in this world than Russ and I am proud to be able to call him a true friend. He contacts many players when he is on the road just to say hi and talk with them.

He is our adopted son but I wish he would just stop calling me "daddy". Scotty

Russ Wever

From: San Diego, California

posted 11 September 2006 10:31 PM     profile     

Gosh! What's a guy say when he see's things this nice said about him . . . (hope you tell that I'm blushing)

Thanks a lot for thinking of me in that way . . . I'd sure feel lost without being involved in the Steel Guitar World.


Wally Davis

From: Belleville, Illinois, USA

posted 12 September 2006 06:56 AM     profile     
There certainly isn't anymore that I can add other than Russ was a great friend and mentor to me many years ago and still is, although the miles unfortunatley keep us from visiting. If there was something I was stumbling on while trying figure it out musically, he was always there. Not only for that, but for anything. Miss ya buddy!
john widgren

From: wilton CT USA

posted 12 September 2006 07:02 AM     profile     
Russ Wever is as fine a specimen of human being as can be found anywhere. Generous, thoughtful, kind, and soooo talented. Proud to know ya Russ! JW
Dean Batye

From: California, USA

posted 12 September 2006 10:49 AM     profile     
I got to hear Russ play at Mesa last year,his steelplaying is great. I went to theCISGA
show in june and he was playing bass,and he
sounded great,the guru is a good title.
Dean Batye


Jim Cohen

From: Philadelphia, PA

posted 12 September 2006 10:56 AM     profile     
Russ is one of the steel guitar greats, and more people should know his playing. He has done the honors at the opening ceremony at ISGC for years but I'm not sure if he's been featured on his own set too often. He should be! They guy is a prodigious player on both country and jazz (as the folks in the Jazz Room this year heard) and has a very deep knowledge of the instrument as well as music theory. And a nicer fella you couldn't hope to meet.

Russ, m'man, you gotta do a CD one of these days. Better start now. And make sure Carla gets to sing on a few tunes too!

[This message was edited by Jim Cohen on 12 September 2006 at 10:57 AM.]

Buck Grantham

From: Denham Springs, LA. USA

posted 15 September 2006 06:28 PM     profile     
Russ is the best!!!!! And I'm proud that he is my friend..
Russ Wever

From: San Diego, California

posted 15 September 2006 11:50 PM     profile     
Gosh! After reading all this I am two hat sizes bigger already! *LOL*

But let's not forget that the 'steel-guitar world-at-large', and a lot of you, personally, have given me an awfully lot as well: a lot of kindnesses, trusts, moral support, employment, benevolence, confidence, and I could go on and on, but just to say 'friendships' would sum it up pretty well (yes, that means you!)

In the beginning with steel guitar, it's the instrument itself that we each focus on so diligently, but as time runs it's course, ya begin realize that it's also the friends you meet along the way that begin to create the 'bigger picture'.

Thanks for the 'votes of confidence'.


( gone shopping for bigger hat! )         

[This message was edited by Russ Wever on 16 September 2006 at 12:52 AM.]

George Mc Lellan

From: Duluth, MN USA

posted 16 September 2006 01:37 AM     profile     
All of the above. One of life's missed moments was when Russ called me while in town on tour and I was in the hospital. I too, am proud to call him Brother.


Ben Lawson

From: Somerset, N.J.

posted 16 September 2006 05:50 AM     profile     
I am proud and honored to call Russ my friend. Russ did you realize that we go back almost 30 years? I have never heard Russ say an unkind word about anyone nor have I heard anyone say anything but praise for the type of man and musician Russ is and has always been. He ain't a reel gud speler thuogh!!!
Graham Bland

From: Nashville, Tennessee, USA

posted 16 September 2006 06:57 AM     profile     
Russ is the BEST!!!!
Sandy Martin

From: Salem, MA

posted 22 September 2006 12:33 PM     profile     
It was so incredible to see so many people posting their love and admiration for this great man. He's truly a unique soul, incredibly kind and knowlegeable, and generous to a fault. I'm so grateful to call him my friend, and it's so heartwarming to see so many other people feel the same way! Russ is one of those people who are the "glue" that ties us all together in the Steel Guitar family. Just imagine what our world would be like if more people were made of Russ' character and spirit! If the highest flattery is imitation, then we'd all do well to try and follow in his manner. Thanks for being a friend, Russ!
Jim Cohen

From: Philadelphia, PA

posted 22 September 2006 12:37 PM     profile     
What a lovely testimonial.
(Will you speak at my funeral someday, Sandy? )

[This message was edited by Jim Cohen on 22 September 2006 at 12:37 PM.]

Drew Howard

From: Mason, MI, U.S.A.

posted 22 September 2006 02:54 PM     profile     
One of the VERY best! What Scotty said about Russ' charts reminded me of seeing him at LT's show and seeing his charts blowing around onstage. Finale?



Drew Howard - website - Fessenden, Derby and Fender guitars, 70's Fender Twin, etc.

[This message was edited by Drew Howard on 22 September 2006 at 02:57 PM.]

Heiko Aehle

From: Bretleben GERMANY

posted 24 September 2006 10:42 AM     profile     
Russ Wever is my personal hero. I met him only once back in 2000 at Stoney's Jamboree and his playing blows me away. After all this years I can still remember his outstanding playing especially on C6th and the 2 hours we talked after the show. Yes, what Scotty said is correct. He is such a great person and one of the best players in this world. All the very best to you, buddy.
Randy Mason

From: Nashville, Tennessee, USA

posted 24 September 2006 04:41 PM     profile     
I had the pleasure of working with Russ on a Patsy Cline show and he and Bobby Edwards were absolutely perfect in their playing and as people too. I miss you Russ. Randy
Mark Krutke

From: Tomahawk, WI USA

posted 26 September 2006 08:01 AM     profile     
Russ is genuine.
Dirk B

From: Columbia, MO, USA

posted 26 September 2006 09:13 AM     profile     
I think Russ is one of the great steel players deserving of wider recognition. And how many teachers would take the trouble to stop by your house to have dinner and give you a lesson on their way through town? A true gentleman and a knowledgable musician to boot.

From: Hendersonville TN USA

posted 26 September 2006 10:02 AM     profile     
I'll never catch up on the favors I need to return to Russ Weaver! He is a wonderful musician and an even better person, I'm glad this thread was started!
Best of luck Russ!


Pat Richardson

From: Paxton, Illinois, USA

posted 26 September 2006 10:39 PM     profile     
I got aquainted with Russ about 10 years ago. He was setting in with the boys at the club where I still play every week end. Russ is just simpley "THE BEST". Hes a great player and the type of person you just always feel at home around. I bought a steel guitar at the end of January of this year and at the end of June I was lucky enough to catch Russ on the way through for a lesson . We wood shedded it in my garage and I fed him pizza . (Russ like my self likes to eat too!) Sence that time I have played out and made money with my steel!

Agian Russ is just good people and the best!

SD-10 GFI Ultra, Peavey Session 400 Limited

Pat Irvin

From: Kansas City, Missouri, USA

posted 27 September 2006 09:45 AM     profile     
Genuine is the best description I've heard of Mr. Wever. I could not have asked for a better teacher, and he should have asked for a better student Russ has been kind enough to stop in at my weekly gig and play a couple of times. The times he played with us was by far the highlight of the year for me and the audience. He is truly outstanding. And the best part about it is that I think he is playing this weekend in KC, and if so I'll be front and center.
Don E. Curtis

From: St Louis, Missouri, USA

posted 27 September 2006 11:01 AM     profile     
I'll second and third that motion! If it wasn't for Russ Wever I most likely would have quit playing the steel guitar right after I first started. He taught me that I could play any song I wanted on any tuning I had with or without the "proper" pedals.
He is the man!
I just got to visit with him yesterday here at Scotty's plus he is the absolute best transcriber and proofreader for steel Tab ever, ever!
Don E.
John Kaigley

From: Decatur, Illinois, USA

posted 30 September 2006 03:14 AM     profile     
I too go back with Russ close to 30 years. I slept more than one night on Russ's floor in Speedway,IN. How many of you remember that REALLY BIG cat??

There's not much I can add that hasn't already been said about Russ musically, but I can say I haven't found a topic that Russ can't make good conversation on.

He once brought a transmission to me for a rebuild, and I taught auto trans 101, cause he wanted to know how it worked!!!

If we are lucky in this life, we can count on one hand, our true friends. Russ gets two fingers !!! ( Russ, are you really sure you want to know which ones?? )

C-ya soon, Russ

John Kaigley

[This message was edited by John Kaigley on 30 September 2006 at 03:15 AM.]


From: sullivan mo u.s.a.

posted 30 September 2006 05:49 AM     profile     
Russ my friend you deserve all the attention you are getting here, you have devoted most of your life to the steel guitar, an then shared what you learned with other people. We thank you Jerry
Gary Walker

From: Morro Bay, CA

posted 30 September 2006 11:18 PM     profile     
Russ saw a post of mine concerning one of my all-time steel heros. He contacted me and sent me a video collection of that great player and what a treasure that video is.
Now, that's truly a fine example of an Ambassador of this instrument that we all love.

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