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Author Topic:   20 Sexiest Female Country Singers
Tim Harr

From: East Peoria, Illinois

posted 30 November 2004 03:14 PM     profile     
LeeAnn Womack blows them all away.

She is a fantastic singer and EXREMELY BEAUTIFUL!!!

Rusty Dannmeyer is her Steel player at last I checked.

Lee Ann I love you! =)

Tim Whitlock

From: Arvada, CO, USA

posted 30 November 2004 03:44 PM     profile     
I can't belive no one has mentioned Wanda Jackson! Her sexy growl on those late 50's records makes me feel all tingly and funny like inside.

From: Bakersfield, CA, USA

posted 30 November 2004 05:24 PM     profile     
Melba Montgomery and Chely Wright
John Bechtel

From: Nashville, Tennessee,U.S.A.

posted 30 November 2004 07:37 PM     profile     
Wanda Jackson was always at the top of my list!
To the best of my knowledge, Bill Monroe was never married.

“Big John” Bechtel
’49/’50 Fender T–8 Custom [X2]
’65 Re-issue Fender Twin-Reverb Custom™ 15”
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Gary C. Dygert

From: Frankfort, NY, USA

posted 01 December 2004 01:42 PM     profile     
Call me crazy, but Suzy Bogguss has got something.
David L. Donald

From: Koh Samui Island, Thailand

posted 01 December 2004 02:12 PM     profile     
Bessie Lee, wasn't she also the catcher?
Bill M. often fielded most of a baseball team on the road.
She was all woman, and could run down a bunt too.

Stephen, you hit the nail about Emmylou.
The complete package, she never let her beauty get in her way.
She clearly heard her own music in her head, went for it,
and pulled it off.

She also has that indefinable 'Cute".
Cute can last forever, great grannies can be cute.

But beautiful outside fades eventually,
but beautiful inside and CUTE. lasts forever.

You can see her most anywhere and totally at home, and most everybody likes her.

Jerry Hayes

From: Virginia Beach, Va.

posted 02 December 2004 09:07 AM     profile     
Thanks Craig, that would be Rhonda Vincent. What a honey! Also how 'bout Claire Lynch or Gillian Welch. Gillian's kind of a plain jane but something about her intrigues me a lot. JH

Livin' in the Past and Future with a 12 string Mooney Universal tuning.

Tony Trout

From: Murphy, North Carolina, USA

posted 02 December 2004 11:43 AM     profile     
Hey, Gang!

My pick for one of the sexiest female country stars would have to be Julie Roberts but I also like Faith, Shania, LeeAnn Womack, and some of the newere female country stars as well.


W Franco

From: silverdale,WA. USA

posted 02 December 2004 12:00 PM     profile     
I hate to admit this ( just kidding) but I have the agree with Herb on this and applaud him for his honest remarks. SHANIA Twain is the hottest looking female with talant I can think of. She is hotter than a rear ended pinto.

[This message was edited by W Franco on 02 December 2004 at 12:18 PM.]

Cody Johnson

From: Athens, Tennessee, USA

posted 02 December 2004 12:20 PM     profile     
Julie Roberts
Dale Bessant

From: Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

posted 03 December 2004 09:46 AM     profile     
I think Laney Hicks should be counted in there somewhere in the top 5 at least, whadoyathink?
James Cann

From: Phoenix, AZ (heart still in Boston)

posted 03 December 2004 03:27 PM     profile     
With all due respect to my previous entry, Roseanne Cash always had a look that might make a monkey out of me.
David L. Donald

From: Koh Samui Island, Thailand

posted 04 December 2004 07:10 AM     profile     
Too bad Cindy Cashdollar doesn't sing!
Toby Rider

From: Fort Worth, Texas, USA

posted 04 December 2004 10:27 AM     profile     
My picks (in no specfic order):

Kelly Willis
Patty Loveless
Sara Evans
Alison Krauss
Natalie MacMaster (not country but an excellent fiddler!)

Dave Van Allen

From: Doylestown, PA , US , Earth

posted 04 December 2004 10:34 AM     profile     
Allison Moorer...
'nuff said
John Rosett

From: Graham, NC USA

posted 04 December 2004 12:46 PM     profile     
mary ann price!
most known for her work with dan hicks, but she qualifies 'cause she's sung with asleep at the wheel and tom morrell.
Greg Simmons

From: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

posted 04 December 2004 01:46 PM     profile     
Allison Moorer...
'nuff said

yes, that is correct...

Greg Simmons
Former custodian of the Unofficial Sho~Bud Pedal Steel Guitar Website

Al Johnson

From: Sturgeon Bay, WI USA

posted 04 December 2004 05:28 PM     profile     
Just watching Pam Tillis on PBS TV live from Branson wow what a pro looks and acts just...real fine.
David Turner

From: Auburn, California USA

posted 04 December 2004 11:34 PM     profile     
Charlie McClain!
Rick Alexander

From: Florida, USA

posted 06 December 2004 08:30 PM     profile     
The sexiest female country singer I ever saw was BUCKY TIBBS on Cliffie Stone's Hometown Jambouree back in the early 50s. She did some duets with Tennessee Ernie and she sang this one song called "If You Want Some Lovin' Just Let Me Know" that just makes every other song by every other female singer seem bland by comparison. She dropped out of sight after that show - too hot for primetime I guess. She'd have to be about 75 or 80 now, and I bet she's still a cutie!

Bucky, if you should happen to read this please call or email me. I love you! We could put a band together and rekindle your career. The world may be ready for you now . .

Rick Alexander
57 Fender Stringmaster T8, 57 Fender Champ, Remington Steelmaster D8, 47 National New Yorker - Music Man and Peavey Amps . .

Dustin Rigsby

From: Columbus, Ohio

posted 07 December 2004 09:17 PM     profile     
I must say that Tricia Yearwood is a fine looking woman. Too bad I'm married and she is "shacking up" with Barf Crooks !

No Flames Please

D.S. Rigsby
Wilcox SD10 3&5



posted 10 December 2004 09:57 AM     profile     
Bessie, Bessie, kinda messie!

Wanda Wanted...

[This message was edited by Savell on 10 December 2004 at 10:01 AM.]

Roger Crawford

From: Locust Grove, GA USA

posted 10 December 2004 01:02 PM     profile     
Willis Vanderberg

From: Bradenton, FL, USA

posted 14 December 2004 07:39 PM     profile     
How could you leave out Ann Murray and Anita Carter and Tammy Wynette.


Tay Joslin

From: Memphis, Tennessee (formerly of Newbern, TN)

posted 14 December 2004 09:50 PM     profile     
I probably shouldn't touch this one, but I agree that Laney Hicks ought to receive a few points for being a sweetheart amongst the steel community. However, for traditional Country music, I'll give a three-way tie to (and in no particular order) Lynn Anderson, Connie Smith, and that Norma Jean lady with the Fender Newporter guitar and the nice legs on Porter's show back in the 1960s. What ever became of Norma Jean? As far as current Country goes: (1). Sara Evans (2). Faith Hill (3). Katie Cook on CMT (WOW!). Katie Cook is like the Katie Couric of Country music, except that Katie Cook looks a lot more at home in boots and jeans than Katie Couric ever could. Perhaps we can get Katie Cook to be the M.C. at one of our steel shows sometime! I'd forget that there was any talent in the place if that ever happened!
Eddie Malray

From: South Fulton, Tennessee, USA

posted 15 December 2004 02:46 PM     profile     
LOUSIE MANDRELL----------The most beaitifil woman in the world. In her prime anyway and the last time I saw her she was.
Gene Jones

From: Oklahoma City, OK USA

posted 15 December 2004 02:56 PM     profile     
Tay, here she is...alive and still performing!
Donna Dodd

From: Kennesaw, Georgia, USA

posted 15 December 2004 07:43 PM     profile     
I'll just have to say K.D. Lang. Looks like one of the Sheene boys to me!!
Cal Sharp

From: Gnashville

posted 15 December 2004 09:57 PM     profile     

[This message was edited by Cal Sharp on 15 December 2004 at 10:03 PM.]

Theresa Galbraith

From: Goodlettsville,Tn. USA

posted 16 December 2004 04:24 AM     profile     
Merry Christmas! Rusty is now playing for LeAnn Rimes. I think Womack is probably the best all round female singer today and pretty sexy too!
Personally,I'd have to vote sexiest goes to that Shania girl!


David L. Donald

From: Koh Samui Island, Thailand

posted 16 December 2004 05:05 AM     profile     
I like LeeAnn...

But Mandy Barnett is by far the best singer I have heard in decades.
Sing most anyone under the table in their style, and then turn around and sing somebody elses style,
and make it her own.

And she is pretty and sexy too.

Theresa Galbraith

From: Goodlettsville,Tn. USA

posted 17 December 2004 04:33 AM     profile     
I've never heard Mandy sing anything, but Patsy.
I'll stick with Lee Ann for best all round singer!
If you get a chance pick up her "The Season For Romance" Christmas CD! HO!HO!
David L. Donald

From: Koh Samui Island, Thailand

posted 17 December 2004 08:56 AM     profile     
I saw her twice in a week, once on the Opry,
and I gave her a standing ovation.
Then she did 2 numbers with the Time Jumpers.

None of it sounded like Patsey, yes some references to Patsey, but many, many others too.

I then got both of her albums. She was never quite produced right IMHO.

The 1st was close and good for the market, but the songs were lacking chorus hooks. In too many cases very good verse, but the choruses just didn't stand up.

The 2nd, Owen Bradleys swansong, and superbly done..
but 40 years out of date... Lovely but not anywhere near the market.
And to establish an artist for the LONGRUN,
you need at least 2 decent hits in the market,
then for albums 3-4 go off and expand.

In both case I think the lead off song was great..
but NOT the right lead off song.
DJ's and program directors have the attention spans of hummingbirds with the heebe jebees....

I hope who ever is doing the new one gets it right finally.
it sure isn't her voice that's preventing her from being a household name.

[This message was edited by David L. Donald on 17 December 2004 at 08:57 AM.]

Jeff Lampert

From: queens, new york city

posted 18 December 2004 12:41 AM     profile     
Certainly a bunch of very attractive women on this list, but I gotta go with Sara Evans. What a babe!

Jeff's Jazz

David L. Donald

From: Koh Samui Island, Thailand

posted 18 December 2004 04:26 AM     profile     
Sara's cute,
but then again

Mandy Barnet!

[This message was edited by David L. Donald on 24 December 2004 at 06:26 AM.]

Ricky Littleton

From: Steely-Eyed Missile Man from Orlando, Florida USA

posted 23 December 2004 05:05 PM     profile     
Lari White!!!!!


Emmons LeGrande - 8x4
Session 400 Ltd, Peterson VS-II Tuner
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Jim Ives

From: Los Angeles, California, USA

posted 30 December 2004 12:09 PM     profile     
Lorrie Morgan. Shelby Lynne. Both very pounce-able.
Larry Robbins

From: Fort Edward, New York, USA

posted 30 December 2004 03:21 PM     profile     
Not much of a singer ,but that Janet Reno........
Stephen Gambrell

From: Ware Shoals, South Carolina, USA

posted 30 December 2004 04:15 PM     profile     
"Shelby Lynne"

[This message was edited by Stephen Gambrell on 30 December 2004 at 04:16 PM.]

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