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Author Topic:   Most Popular Effects Unit For Steel Today
Paul King

From: Gainesville, Texas, USA

posted 23 September 2006 08:09 PM     profile     
Last year I was searching for another effects unit. I bought a Lexicon 110, if my memory serves me right on the number. I have tried it many times and let others try it as well and it just never satisfied me. I am looking again and would like some direction on what you guys have found to be a good unit. The Lexicon was very reasonable in price, under $150 if I remember correctly. Got any ideas or advice concerning effects they would surely be appreciated and taken in for consideration. I am currently playing an Emmons LeGrande III and a Peavey Nashville 112 amp.

From: mobile,al

posted 23 September 2006 08:19 PM     profile     
I just got a new T.C. Electronics M350 dual channel unit and its o.k.. I'am not one for alot of effects or a over proccessed sound and found it a little challenging on this unit to get a slight effects sound.At minimum ,lowest almost dry levels, the signal sounds as if it has a slight chorus effect on it.Its also noisy in the back of my NV 4oo but alot better through the S.K.'s amp loop .Pretty decent for under $200 I guess.
David Higginbotham

From: Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA

posted 23 September 2006 08:37 PM     profile     
Paul, I have used many effects in the past and many different amps including rack systems. I am currently using an Evans FET 500 with a Guyatone digital delay. I use the reverb on the amp and I am very satisfied. The NV 112 has a good reverb and I would recommend just using a good delay pedal with the amp and the reverb on the amp. I always found myself spending too much time fooling with the effects rather than concentrating on playing. I now find myself playing gigs and practicing without re-setting anything on the amp, just playing. Just my two cents!
Tore Blestrud

From: Oslo, Norway

posted 24 September 2006 05:22 AM     profile     
The POD XT is very popular, though it's not "just" an effect unit. I sure like mine (Legrand II and Steelking)
Jim Sliff

From: Hermosa Beach California, USA

posted 24 September 2006 06:24 AM     profile     
I've never been able to get along with multi-effect units. They are always "lowest-common-denominator" units...lots of effects, all very average or below-average sounding compared to the best single units. So I stick with a Peadaltrain pedalboard and figure out how to dance around the guitar legs...I'd rather have it a little tougher to use and have great tone than have mediocre tone conveniently avaialable.
Paul King

From: Gainesville, Texas, USA

posted 24 September 2006 07:15 AM     profile     
Let me clarify myself on effects. I too do not like a lot of effects when playing. I am just wanting something to fatten up the sound. I just always thought an effects unit was the way to go. Thanks for the input guys.
Keith Cordell

From: Atlanta

posted 24 September 2006 08:53 AM     profile     
I am with Jim on this one. Being able to select the best of each individual effect and put them together on a pedal board makes more sense to me than letting someone else decide what initial tones I will be working with. More expensive in the long run but I can live with that.
Greg Cutshaw

From: Corry, PA, USA

posted 24 September 2006 09:29 AM     profile     
I am an effects junky! Most of the stuff I record is with a Boss RV-5 and some DD-20 delay. When I am woodshedding though, it's a blast to try out different effects. Most of my favorite classic steel tunes are plastered with gobs of reverb and I don't care for the recent trend towards a dryer sound. I just ordered the Line 6 Roto-Machine and the Verbzilla to try out. I wish there was an instrument level version of the MPX1, I would purchase it. Having played in a lot of small bands, it has added a lot to the sound and backing the singer, to have an arsenal of sounds like the Leslie to counter the constant drone of a classic country steel sound all night long.


Mitch Druckman

From: Arizona, USA

posted 24 September 2006 09:37 AM     profile     
Have you tried a Steel Guitar Black Box?

From: Dallas, Texas

posted 24 September 2006 09:39 AM     profile     
Just a comment to the "most popular" theme, I'd say a Boss Digital Delay Pedal. I think the newest model is DD-6, but for steel DD-3 works great and Musician's Friend still sells those. The most popular rackmount unit is probably still the Peavey Profex, even though it hasn't been made in quite a while.

I use a Korg A1, and it hasn't been made in a really long time. I've been looking to replace it and I think probably the PODxt is the way to go these days, but I play guitar along with steel. For steel alone, I'd use the Boss DD-3 and the reverb from the NV-112.



Richard Tipple

From: Ohio, USA

posted 24 September 2006 10:37 AM     profile     
I would say "Most Popular Effects Unit For Steel Today " would be one of the Peavey Fex units followed by the Lexicon followed by the Holy Grail and on & on.
I think a lot depends on the amp/instrument, and what ones personal prefference is as far as tone and effects out the front.
I used to lean heavy on the effects for some years. Now I have scaled back and depend more on the natural "sweet" tone of the instrument itself.

I too play through the NV112 and an Emmons P/P. The first effect in my set up is the "Steel Guitar Black Box" direct into the amp. From there a little Delay & Vrb is added through the effects send/recieve of the 112 by way of a Peavey Profex 2.

There are so many effects units out there & most sound great but if one is asking which one wins on " Most Popular Effects Unit For Steel Today " it would most probably be the Peavey units,,and rightfully so IMHO

Kirk Hamre

From: Birmingham, Alabama

posted 24 September 2006 11:36 AM     profile     
Boss GE-7 Equalizer, and a BJS bar works Great!
Jim Sliff

From: Hermosa Beach California, USA

posted 24 September 2006 12:06 PM     profile     
I admit to being an effects junky of the worst kind - but I have no idea what a "Steel Guitar Black Box" is.
David Doggett

From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

posted 24 September 2006 12:55 PM     profile

Brad Sarno's Black Box is a tube buffer/impedance matcher designed to fatten up the sound of steel guitar pickups with solid state amps.

Bill Mayville

From: N. Las Vegas, NV, USA

posted 24 September 2006 05:41 PM     profile     
I was a effects Junky for awhile.Then I saw the BBBig one using a DD-3 in Dallas 04.
No more big units. The fat sound seems to come from the delay.The DD-6 is for stereo.
The 3 is for steel.No chorus that Will put out of tune.A chorus with a delay unit,puts your second repeat flat.There is no denying that.Anyway the three will give you that fat sound,very similar to the rack units.I have a -6 from Boss that you can have. (kidding)Terrible sound .Maybe it's me.
Bill Emmons111 Mullen and a jackson on tour
Delvin Morgan

From: Lindstrom, Minnesota, USA

posted 24 September 2006 05:55 PM     profile     
I have a Profex II, what is the best way to hook it up through the FX loop? I just go from the guitar to the in of the PFII, and out of PFII to amp. Oh, yes I have a NV112.
Tony Dingus

From: Kingsport, Tennessee, USA

posted 24 September 2006 06:30 PM     profile     
I recently got a PV Delta stomp that I'm using mostly for delay and to me it sounds best hooked up thru the pre amp out/power amp in, and I'm using amp reverb on my Nash 112 with a JCH or a Sho Bud. A good delay pedal will fatten up the tone.


Jim Sliff

From: Hermosa Beach California, USA

posted 24 September 2006 08:00 PM     profile     
David - thanks for the info - I guess since I use all tube amps, it's a moot point.
Mike Brown

From: Meridian, Mississippi USA

posted 24 September 2006 08:10 PM     profile     
I invite you to check out the Peavey Dual Deltafex. It allows you to customize up to 100 presets using the two engines. This is the closest effects processor to the original Profex II that started this phenomenon, except that it is not a preamp. Use of this unit with an amplifier such as a Webb, Fender or Evans would provide favorable results. Go to to check it out.

Mike Brown
Peavey USA

Stephan Miller

From: Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

posted 25 September 2006 04:43 PM     profile     
Jim, as someone who a) is obsessed with tone and b) runs a chain of effects between guitar and amp, you (IMHO) could do worse than check out the Black Box. There are many tube amp users around here who, like me, swear by it. I play lap steel and guitar and my chain is fairly simple-- not even a volume pedal-- just overdrive, delay, and sometimes a compressor, between instrument and H&K or Reverend tube amp. Putting the Black Box into the setup-- before any of the stompboxes-- adds a warmth and clarity to the sound which is unmistakeable. At this point, though I don't schlep it to every rehearsal, I wouldn't gig or record without it.

Also good for acoustic guitars with p/ups, and seems to enhance tube amp tone even with no intervening pedals.

This thread has a review of the SGBB by TapeOp magazine and some clarifying/useful comments by Brad Sarno, David Donald, Dan Tyack and others.


Jim Sliff

From: Hermosa Beach California, USA

posted 25 September 2006 10:17 PM     profile     
Stephan - sounds interesting, but that's a lot of money to drop on a box I have no chance to try befoe buying.

The warmth and clarity points I understand real well - I usually use a Kon Centaur for the same thing - it's not tube, but it's amazing at giving you more of what you already have..kind of an odd explanation, but the best way to describe it.

James Martin

From: Watford, Herts, United Kingdom

posted 26 September 2006 12:30 AM     profile     
I'll go with Sonbone, N112 and (used sparingly )DD3- perfect!James.
Hook Moore

From: South Charleston,West Virginia

posted 26 September 2006 12:41 PM     profile     
Paul, I also have a lexicon 110 that I have never cared for. I have used a Roland gp-100 for many years and was very happy with the ability set the reverbs, delays and EQ seperately for a tone I like. Simply because I have used the Roland unit for about 10 years completely trouble, I began worring age and travel might start getting to it. So I began looking for a unit to replace it, a lexicon MPX-1 fit the bill. This unit also gives you the ability to adjust each effect to suit your ear. On gigs that I`m only carrying an amp, a Boss dd-2 or dd-3 works pretty well.


[This message was edited by Hook Moore on 26 September 2006 at 12:45 PM.]

Ward Skinner

From: Mission, TX

posted 26 September 2006 02:43 PM     profile     
Paul, I'll throw in another vote for the SG Black Box. Haven't had mine long, just played out with it for the first time last weekend and was very impressed with the tone enhancement it provided. Sweet!
Paul King

From: Gainesville, Texas, USA

posted 28 September 2006 03:53 AM     profile     
Thanks to all of you for the input. That is one thing that makes this a great forum. I am making a decision on which direction I want to go. I have heard great news about the Steel Guitar Black Box and sure would be interested in trying one of them.
Tim Harr

From: East Peoria, Illinois

posted 28 September 2006 06:00 AM     profile     
A good right hand technique and solid practice regime will do way more than a foot pedal.
Ricky Littleton

From: Steely-Eyed Missile Man from Orlando, Florida USA

posted 28 September 2006 06:10 AM     profile     

I use a DanElectro Dan-Echo stomp box to "fatten" my sound up just a tad. Nice clean echo that was modelled after tape delay echo from years past. Got mine for $100 several years ago and I absolutely love it.


Emmons LeGrande - 8x4
Session 400 Ltd, Nashville 112,Hilton Volume pedal, Peterson VS-II Tuner
Dan-Echo, E-Bow, Ibanez Distortion, Bo-Bro, Ibanez Auto-Wah, Regal Dobro

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