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Author Topic:   A Sad Day For The Steel Guitar World
Michael Scott

From: St. Louis, Missouri, USA

posted 11 April 2005 09:23 AM     profile     
This is a sad day for the steel guitar world. Jerry Byrd died this morning at 6am Honolulu time at the Kaiser Hospital. He was surrounded by friends and family and went in peace. He will be missed by all who have been touched by his music.

Our prayers go out to Jerry’s family.

Scotty will call with the funeral information when available.

Michael Scott
Scotty's Music, Inc.

Rick Garrett

From: Tyler, Texas

posted 11 April 2005 09:25 AM     profile     
My prayers go out to Jerry, his family and friends all over this world. This is indeed a sad day in the music world.


Bob Carlucci

From: Candor, New York, USA

posted 11 April 2005 09:27 AM     profile     
Sad day indeed... I wonder if we each realize just how much we steel guitarists owe him??... may God rest his soul.. BOB
Mike Neer

From: NJ

posted 11 April 2005 09:30 AM     profile     
This is terrible news. Thank you Jerry for everything. I just finished watching you play Beyond The Reef with Marty Robbins on The Drifter. You were incredible.
Smiley Roberts

From: Hendersonville,Tn. 37075

posted 11 April 2005 09:41 AM     profile     
A sad day,indeed. The first time I learned "Steel Guitar Rag" & "Panhandle Rag" was off of Jerry's Mercury Records. A wonderful man will be surely,& sorely missed. Rest easy Jerry.


  ~ ~
©¿© It don't mean a thang,
mm if it ain't got that twang.

Jim Vogan

From: Ohio City, Ohio 45874

posted 11 April 2005 09:42 AM     profile     
I have been a fan of Jerry Byrd for sixty years, I will miss him.

Jim Vogan
Derby SD 10 3&5
G.D. Walker Stereo Steel Combo
Bakelite Ric
Hilton volume pedal

Walter Stettner

From: Vienna, Austria

posted 11 April 2005 09:53 AM     profile     
I am so saddened to hear these news - my prayers and condolences go out to his family and friends.

I would also like to say a special last "Thank You" to Jerry Byrd for having shared the wonderful gift of his music with us. You will be missed by us all, the Steel Guitar Family around the world!

Kind Regards, Walter


Michael Breid

From: Eureka Springs, Arkansas, USA

posted 11 April 2005 09:54 AM     profile     
May he liven up the Heavenly band. He will be in good company with all his steel playing friends who have gone on before him. What a jam session there will be.
Richard Couch

From: Novato, California, USA

posted 11 April 2005 09:56 AM     profile     
God's speed Jerry.
Roy Thomson

From: Wolfville, Nova Scotia,Canada

posted 11 April 2005 09:57 AM     profile     
I know we were all expecting this but it is still a shock.
Jerry's passing leaves an awful empty feeling within me. May his spirit rest in peace with GOD.


Darrell Klein

From: Spokane, Washington, USA

posted 11 April 2005 10:00 AM     profile     
SO long Jerry. You will be missed. You were one of my favorites. Our prayers go out to family and friends
Rick Alexander

From: Florida, USA

posted 11 April 2005 10:06 AM     profile     
The remastered CD of Hi Fi Steel Guitar came in the mail from Scotty's Music today - just in time, because my old LP was about worn out. Thanks for everything Jerry - all your beautiful music and your great teaching.

What a magnificent life.

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Ricky Davis

From: Spring, Texas USA

posted 11 April 2005 10:07 AM     profile     

Mahalo and Rest in Piece Jerry; you have inspired many, and your time here on Earth will be remembered Eternally.

Ricky Davis

Rebel™ and Ricky's Audio Clips
Email Ricky:

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Ray Montee

From: Portland, OR, USA

posted 11 April 2005 10:07 AM     profile     
We are deeply saddened by this news and yet relieved that Jerry will no longer have to endure the physical suffering that he had been going through.

Our prayers go out to all his family.....

Please take note that Jerry Byrd's memories and wonderful music will not end this day. The Jerry Byrd Fan Club site will continue to share with YOU, Jerry's loyal, world-wide fans, the fabulous sounds of his steel guitar. We have plenty of heretofore "unheard" steel guitar music by Jerry and are acquiring more and more new "olde" records each week. We hope to be able to continue to share Jerry's music with YOU and the world indefinitely.

Buck Grantham

From: Denham Springs, LA. USA

posted 11 April 2005 10:08 AM     profile     
Jerry's music was loved by all us in the steel guitar world. May he rest in peace and may God accept him in the Heavenly band. Buck & Mitzi
Jeanie Richardson

From: Charleston, West Virginia, USA

posted 11 April 2005 10:10 AM     profile     

From: N.Y.C.,N.Y.

posted 11 April 2005 10:16 AM     profile     
I am saddened as we all are, and my condolences go out to Jerry Byrd's entire family.

He lived a long and fruitful life, giving all of us, and those who will come after us, a gift that cannot be measured by any tangible, earthly terms.

Rest in peace, Master of Touch and Tone.

[This message was edited by HowardR on 11 April 2005 at 12:26 PM.]

Bobby Caldwell

From: St. Louis, Missouri, USA

posted 11 April 2005 10:24 AM     profile     
Yes it is a very sad day for all of us. I was a fan of Jerry Byrd long before I got to work with him. I got know him and was proud to call him my friend. He was a class act on and of the stage. He has left us his music and he will never ever be fogoten. The last time I talked to him he told how much he enjoyed working with Chet Atkins and Hank Garland. Well they are together again I know. God bless you Jerry. Bobby
Reece Anderson

From: Keller Texas USA

posted 11 April 2005 10:30 AM     profile     
The positive impact Jerry's life had on many us will live in our hearts forever.
Ron Steenwijk

From: Greensburg,PA

posted 11 April 2005 10:32 AM     profile     
A great loss for us all.My condolences go out to his family and friends.May he rest in peace.

Aloha Jerry


Billy Easton

From: Casa Grande, Arizona, USA

posted 11 April 2005 10:34 AM     profile     
Jerry was the epitome of taste and tone on the Hawaiian guitar. We will miss him like no one can explain. May God rest his soul and comfort his family and legion of fans.

Billy and Meriul Easton
Casa Grande, AZ

William J Maynard

From: DePere, Wisconsin, USA

posted 11 April 2005 10:37 AM     profile     
Rest in peace Jerry, your journey here on earth was absolutely great and the impact you had on all of us steel players will never be forgotten. We thank God for those wonderful years of hearing your great music. You will always be the master of touch and tone in our hearts.
Andy Volk

From: Boston, MA

posted 11 April 2005 10:38 AM     profile     
I have observed that death is the inevitable consequence of birth and that what we do between these two events is what defines us. Jerry Byrd lived as full and rich a life as one could imagine. He touched the lives of thousands of people and set standards on his chosen instrument that may never be equalled. His music will live on in recordings and in the musicians who learned so much from this exceptional man. Sad day ... yes, but also a day to smile and remember all the pleasure Jerry Byrd's music brought to the world.


posted 11 April 2005 10:39 AM     profile     
Rest In Peace Jerry. You will be missed.

Robbie Bossert

Bobby Lee

From: Cloverdale, North California, USA

posted 11 April 2005 10:59 AM     profile     
Jerry Byrd's influence on the art of the steel guitar is immeasurable. He has always been one of my personal heroes. Words fail to adequately express the feeling of loss in the steel guitar community today. God bless Jerry Byrd.
Judy Lee Schreiber
New Member

From: Hendersonville,Tn. US.

posted 11 April 2005 11:04 AM     profile     
I met Jerry a long time ago when we were on the Opry. He was a very nice man and is a legend in our business. May he rest in peace....God bless his family...
Judy Lee



Jeff Strouse

From: Jacksonville, Florida, USA

posted 11 April 2005 11:06 AM     profile     
Our loss is Heaven's gain. There will never be another like Jerry. He's my hero for all he has done for the steel guitar out of the goodness of his heart. He made some of the most beautiful sounds ever heard on a steel guitar. His music touched the soul.

Listening to this brings an entirely different feeling over me today:
Kauai Beauty

Aloha, Jerry

[This message was edited by Jeff Strouse on 11 April 2005 at 11:51 AM.]

Jack Stoner

From: Inverness, Florida

posted 11 April 2005 11:17 AM     profile     
My worst fears have been realized when Scotty said he was going to Hawaii.

Jerry Byrd had an influence on many steel guitar players, including myself. Jerry was the "Nashville Sound" in the 40's.

Trudy and I want to pass our condolences to the Byrd family.

Ray Montee

From: Portland, OR, USA

posted 11 April 2005 11:36 AM     profile     
JERRY BYRD's fabulous steel guitar and a host of unheard instrumentals can now be heard all day today courtesy of Michael Scott and These are from Michael's personal collection and are being offered at random, no complete albums are being done at one time.

'tho Jerry is no longer with us his beautiful steel guitar music will live on forever, his gift to each of us.

THANK YOU MICHAEL! Your program is saying what so many of us are incapable of saying at this time.

Ray Walker

From: Smithfield, NC, USA

posted 11 April 2005 12:05 PM     profile     
Today we have lost the great Jerry Byrd, who gave so much to our industry. His family has lost a friend that can never be replaced. Our love and respect go out to Jerry's family and friends. We shall morn our loss of this good man and then we shall look forward and move on just as he would want us to....but we will also remember...just as he would want us to.

Rest my friend, your work here is done.

Ray and Debbie Walker

[This message was edited by Ray Walker on 11 April 2005 at 12:06 PM.]

bruce fischer

From: florissant, mo. usa

posted 11 April 2005 12:09 PM     profile     
our thoughts and prayers for the Byrd family. R.I.P., Jerry, you have certainly touched us all with your music, your wit and your friendship. love, bruce & lynn
Fred Shannon

From: Rocking "S" Ranch, Comancheria, Texas

posted 11 April 2005 12:15 PM     profile     
My native language has no words to express such a time. We'll miss you Jerry Byrd!!!


"From Truth, Justice is Born"--Quanah Parker-1904

Neil Flanz

From: Austin, Tx.

posted 11 April 2005 12:20 PM     profile     
The words true master and Jerry Byrd go well together. He sure set the standard for us. My condolences go out to his family and may he rest in peace.
Philip Bender

From: North Vernon, IN, USA

posted 11 April 2005 12:37 PM     profile     
Aloha Jerry,
Jerry once told me when I was 11 years old that" You only get as much out of a thing according to what you put into it", so I am sure based on that, Jerry is in heaven praising our God with all that he has. He surely gave us all more than we deserved, including his talent, and his wonderful personality.
Tom pickett and I were listening to his recording of "Stardust" on evening, and he said that we were the most fortunate people of any generation to have been in Jerry's generation and to be able to appreciate his Gift from God.
God bless and keep your wonderful spirit always Jerry, and we will see you soon.

Aloha, and Mahalo
Phil Bender

Michael Scott

From: St. Louis, Missouri, USA

posted 11 April 2005 12:46 PM     profile     
The Jerry Byrd tribute will be repeated in its entirety on at 4:00 central time. Scotty may call in with an update from Hawaii.

Thank you all who have tuned in and I hope you tune in again for the next broadcast.

Michael Scott

Michael Johnstone

From: Sylmar,Ca. USA

posted 11 April 2005 01:02 PM     profile     
I had the privlige to sit at his feet in St Louis once upon a time,meet him and correspond with him over the years.
He always answered with a thoughtful handwritten letter - usually with at least one paragraph harassing me for using pedals! Knowing Jerry Byrd along with Joaquin Murphey and being lucky enough to have personally witnessed their art has epitomized to me what the steel guitar should sound like and what could be done with it. Jerry has set the gold standard for manual dexterity and harmonic felicity on steel guitar. We won't see his like again. -MJ-
Alexander Zaalberg

From: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

posted 11 April 2005 01:16 PM     profile     
I started on a Jerry Byrd model frypan. He even autographed it for me. Jerry was always very friendly and open to his fans. He also always replied letters personally. Not many celebs will do this. Great man.
Ernie Renn

From: Brainerd, Minnesota USA

posted 11 April 2005 01:17 PM     profile     
It's a very sad day in the steel guitar world. Aloha, Jerry Byrd. May you rest in peace.


Randy Reeves

From: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

posted 11 April 2005 01:28 PM     profile     
as a little kid in the fifties my dad played steel guitar music on the phono all the time. I was learning to crawl and walk.
as an adult I discovered pedal steel and became reaquainted with a great player; Jerry Byrd.
closing my father's estate after his death I found the box of long plays. Jerry's name was all over it.
thank you Jerry for influencing me before I ever knew it.
rest in peace. goodness, there must be a great band in heaven. sure would like to sit in one day.

[This message was edited by Randy Reeves on 11 April 2005 at 01:28 PM.]

Jody Carver

From: The Knight Of Fender Tweed~ Dodger Blue Forever

posted 11 April 2005 01:32 PM     profile     
God Bless Jerry Byrd, and comfort his family
in this sad time.

Aloha Jerry.

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