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Author Topic:   Steel on Rolling Stones tune??
Bob Carlucci

From: Candor, New York, USA

posted 20 September 2005 09:36 AM     profile     
I know Pete Klienow did some sessions .. He did Wild Horses., but his steel didn't make it to the single.. I think Ron Wood played a little steel too, .. This seemed like an early Stones tune.. however, I NEVER heard it.. the steel player was doing standard country rock licks circa 1970 I'd say,... Not earth shaking but in tune and appropriate to the material.. any idea who it might have been??. I can say for certain it was NOT Sneaky.. bob.
John Lockney

From: New Market, Maryland, USA

posted 20 September 2005 10:02 AM     profile     
What song was it ?

Ron Wood plays steel on some tunes including "Faraway Eyes." (from the album "Some Girls")

There is tab and some discussion here:

Chris LeDrew

From: Newfoundland, Canada

posted 20 September 2005 10:18 AM     profile     
Ron Wood plays elementary pedal steel on a Keith ballad called "The Worst" from a 90's Stones album. It is a great song and sounds like old Stones. The steel part is really basic, but only us players would know the difference. It fits the song fine. Should be able to find the song online.

Sticky Fingers has Ry Cooder on bottleneck and probably lap, but to my ear there is no pedal steel on that album.

Wasn't Al Perkins on some Stones stuff during this period?

Randy Reeves

From: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

posted 20 September 2005 10:40 AM     profile     
to the best of my knowledge there was no pedal steel on the early Stones work.

indeed, Ron Wood does play pedal steel. saw him with my own eyes at the concert two weeks ago.
looked to be a ShoBud.
he played extremely elementary stuff
extremely well.

the Stones haved used lap steels, resos, autoharps,etc. in the early years.

Grant Johnson

From: Nashville TN

posted 20 September 2005 11:41 AM     profile     
There is a nice steel guitar break on "Torn and Frayed" off of the Exile on Main St record. It is very country rock sounding, could be Sneaky Pete...
Tucker Jackson

From: Portland, Oregon, USA

posted 20 September 2005 12:04 PM     profile     
That's Al Perkins on "Torn and Frayed" on Exile on Main St.


Bob Carlucci

From: Candor, New York, USA

posted 20 September 2005 01:53 PM     profile     
Thats the tune thanks... bob

From: Cloverdale, California, USA

posted 20 September 2005 03:01 PM     profile     
click here
David Doggett

From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

posted 20 September 2005 06:30 PM     profile     
"I was dreamin' 'bout a steel guitar engagement."
Bob Carlucci

From: Candor, New York, USA

posted 21 September 2005 05:10 AM     profile     
By the way.. The Stones' Wild Horses cut with Sneaky on steel is available someplace..I heard it one day at Rumble Seat Music in Ithaca and freaked out .. It was other wordly beautiful with Pete's Fender steel... Don't know where they got it, but its around . bob
Tucker Jackson

From: Portland, Oregon, USA

posted 21 September 2005 12:38 PM     profile     
Bob, is it possible that the version of Wild Horses you heard with Sneaky Pete on steel was the one done by the Flying Burrito Brothers?

The FBB's version is quite similar to the Stone's version, except it's a little slower and "other worldy" as you said. And with Gram's voice instead of Mick's. And with Sneaky Pete all over it.

Still, on a causal listen in a public place, it would be easy to mistake it for the Stones.


Ray Minich

From: Limestone, New York, USA

posted 21 September 2005 01:21 PM     profile     
David D.; I'm gonna run twenty red lights in your honor

[This message was edited by Ray Minich on 21 September 2005 at 01:21 PM.]

Jason Odd

From: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

posted 21 September 2005 05:01 PM     profile     
The story is that Pete never overdubbed a part on Wild Horses, the Stones gave Gram a dub, and Gram cut the song instead.

I'll check that out though, I know some Stones completists and they might know for sure.

Bob Carlucci

From: Candor, New York, USA

posted 21 September 2005 06:03 PM     profile     
Nope.. I remember the FBB version well.. It was the Stones.. album had ALL kind of oddball versions of thier well known tunes.. I can find out, I am friends with the guys at Rumble Seat... bob
Joe Shelby

From: Walnut Creek, California, USA

posted 21 September 2005 06:49 PM     profile     
Since no one has mentioned this, I will add this little known fact.
Most likely, the earliest appearence of pedal
steel on a Stones' recording is on a version
of "Heart of Stone." As best as I remember, this was a re-recording that was more
orchestral than the original (and superior)
version that was of course a hit in 1965?
This "second" version has Jimmy Page playing
steel on it (as best as I've been able to gather from various articles over the years).
It appears on the album "Metamorphosis," a
collection of mostly highly orchestral demos
that were used to pitch a number of Jagger/Richard songs that were felt to be more "pop" friendly than the work they used
for their own records. A lot of these demos
hail from the mid-'60's. Some are interesting
and some are plain embarassing. A little bit of later stuff appears here;"I Wonder Why,"
a Stevie Wonder song they were cutting with
Mick Taylor when the news arrived that Brian
had drowned.
This album is mainly for the curious, as opposed to those that want to hear something
of substance from the Stones.
There is an alternate version of "Memo From
Turner," with either Keef or Ry doing the slide chores, and that is worth having.
I remain that other than "Torn and Frayed,"
Mick Taylor's work is where the real slide
soul and beauty lies in the Stones recorded
output(post Brian Jones). After his depature,
the band was never the driving force in rock
that it had been (and you bet there are exceptions to that).


[This message was edited by Joe Shelby on 21 September 2005 at 07:16 PM.]

Chris LeDrew

From: Newfoundland, Canada

posted 21 September 2005 10:46 PM     profile     
According to the Ben Fong-Torres book, "Hickory Wind", Keith gave Gram a demo copy of it and he cut the first official version with the Burritos before it surfaced on Sticky Fingers. I think it's on "Burrito Deluxe".
Anita Kleinow

From: San Francisco,California, USA

posted 22 September 2005 07:00 PM     profile     
You are correct, Chris. The Stones were staying at a friends house in Laurel Canyon and Gram was hanging out there. My dad and I went up to the house and Gram said Keith gave him a song he wanted the Burritos to do.
He thought the Burritos would "do it better than the Stones". It was the first released recording of "Wild Horses". Sneaky Pete on steel, of course. :P


Chris LeDrew

From: Newfoundland, Canada

posted 22 September 2005 08:40 PM     profile     

Your father is a big reason why I started playing pedal steel. He's a huge influence on my style. I really love the footage of him playing with the Burritos during the Canadian Wonderland Express train tour of 1970.

Very nice to hear from you.

Anita Kleinow

From: San Francisco,California, USA

posted 23 September 2005 03:13 PM     profile     
Thank you. Yes, that train was pretty wild and Pete looked pretty "sneaky" while he was playing, didn't he? He is the greatest in my eyes. We'll be at the Gram Fest in Waycross, Georgia on Oct. 15th. Come on down!


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